DC - Final Part
Final update before I come back to Chicago.

Well Vince finally did it - he totally pissed me off. There's two things I don't like, a person that will lie to me and a person that will try and fuck with me head. Tonight he did both. Let me explain. We (Vince, Webster, Scott (this guy I met at the festival) and myself) went to Omega DC and was having fun. All along I wanted to have a final go-round with Scott and time was tight. So I did a (probably) bad thing, I attempted to leave Webster and Scott at Omega DC for about an hour to go back to the hotel, do the do, and come back to Omega. Vince actually got mad and said that he "thought we were going to stick together". When I reminded him that I came up there to have fun and be free, he grabbed on to me and started crying! I already knew that Vince liked me, but there's a point when you tell a person that you're NOT looking for a relationship, you're NOT looking to be tied down, and that you JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN. I have done all of that on numerous occasions, and it seems that he's just not listening. Then Webster didn't want to stay at Omega, he wanted to do...whatever. I got a little upset over the Vince issue and just told both of them to work it out, because my evening with Scott was about to go out the window. Needless to say Scott and I got back to my hotel, and we licked, sucked, grinded, and climaxed our way to a decent conclusion to the weekend.

But it doesn't really end there.

Vince, Webster and I met up at Dupont Circle after I returned from the hotel, and Vince kept apologizing over and over again. I would have left it alone if he didn't continue to lie in my face, over and over and over again. Of course I got totally upset, and returned to the hotel. Vince kept trying to be my little shadow, when I specifically didn't want him to be. He continued to follow me around like a little puppy for most of the evening, trying to talk to me when I specifically wanted to be left alone. We went to McDonald's and at that point the sound of his voice was getting my nerves, so I told him at that point that he really much needed to leave me alone for right then. He obliged...until we got back to the hotel. I told Re'ale over the phone that I was about three seconds from going off, and he calmed me down...somewhat. When we got back to the hotel I told Vince to basically give me the money for him to return from Chicago, because he hadn't even booked the return flight yet. I think Vince thought that he was going to come to Chicago and stay as long as he wanted to. Not happening. I booked his return flight for Wednesday, June 1st.

I'll be home tomorrow. Re'ale misses me and I'm missing him. I'm off all this week so we'll get to spend some time together. My birthday is Thursday. Friday I'm having Re'ale come over so we can spend some real quality time together, and Saturday is my birthday celebration. Should be fun!

See you back in Chicago.