Fake Ass Niggas That Wanna Be Your So-Called Friends

I truly hate being played with, especially extremely early in the morning.

Let me set the stage: Midway Airport, 7:30AM on a beautiful Saturday morning. Waiting for a buddy that was supposed to be flying in this morning. 7:45...nothing. 8:00? Nothing. Not answering phone calls, not coming through security. Finally, at 8:30, after numerous phone calls, pages and cups of coffee, I depart. Oh did I mention that it cost almost $5 to park at Midway for this failed adventure?

Moral of this story? First of all, please do NOT play with people, ESPECIALLY real early in the morning. You never know when you'll need them again. Secondly, NEVER try and screw a Gemini, because you'll end up being the one that's going to get screwed. Now as for my friend that decided not to show up this morning, I have a little surprise in store for him next week when I'm in his neck of the woods. All I'll say is that it won't be pleasant.

Time to catch up on some sleep. More later....