found this cool blog about CTA stories. Check it out for yourself by clicking here. It amazes me what type of stuff will happen on the city's transit system. Speaking of, the chairwoman of the Chicago Transit Authority has set up a blog answering questions about CTA, as well as the justification for preparing to raise fares and cut service (which is the same as gutting the CTA all together). You can see that blog by going to this link.

That was the funny stuff...now down to the freaky stuff.

Re'ael and I spent the past two evenings together. (No overnight visits except for the first one earlier in the week.) We've been talking, watching movies, and literally fucking like rabbits. The boy is not afraid of showing his freaky side...like today. For a big boy he can surely put his legs in some interesting positions, such as all the way up and all the way across. Talk about being flexible! He stretched his legs like that tonight while we were making out. We bumped and grinded for about a half-hour before we made me explode, and I him. Yesterday we had a repeat of last Sunday...only difference is this time we screwed for about an hour. The most romantic thing that happens when I have sex with Re'ael is that right after we climax and clean up, we fall asleep in each other's arms, and it feels so wonderful.

I haven't seen Twan since last Friday. He was supposed to come over last night but didn't because he got off work at about 1:00AM. Tonight I was hoping he'd come over but I haven't heard anything from him, save a text message he sent this afternoon in response to my inviting him over tonight. He said, quite basically, we'll c. In this race he just slid back to third.

Not sure if I talked about David. David is an attractive caucasian that hit me up on men4now, this website that I log onto for my "special moments". We met, talked, hit it off and it's apparent to me that he wants, very dearly, to be committed to someone. It can happen...only with time though. We're supposed to be hanging out on Thursday evening. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so we can truly hang out and get to know each other.

More later...