I made mention in a previous entry that I upgraded my website's security system, more specifically the IP address locater. Tonight I was just peeking through the logs and I'm impressed! You know people actually view this page from Colorado, Virginia, Massachusetts, and even Wisconsin! I had no idea that my website (more specifically my weblog) was that popular. I appreciate the opportunity to bring forth details about my life with everyone, especially certain individuals that told me to my face that I'd "never amount to anything". Well if I'll never amount to anything, then why are these people constantly reading my pages? Reading my weblog? Seems strange to me, but then again it doesn't. You know in anger the mouth will say a lot of things, even some things that we don't really mean to say - or some things that we didn't have the balls to say when things were a little cooler. Bottom line is that as soon as we realize we said something we shouldn't have said, foot goes into mouth. So let me make a public apology right now to all those people that I may have hurt in the past, including and especially someone living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You know who you are.

Now, moving on to other events of today.

Two weeks (and one day) until my trip to Washington DC. Excited? Yup. Losing sleep over it? Not really, but it will feel good to get away for a while. I have a long list of activities lined up, and yes this year some of those activities does involve clubbing....lol Last year I didn't really enjoy myself because I fell ill, but this year even that won't stop me!

More later...