In DC - Part 1

Well I made it here yesterday afternoon. The flight was extremely smooth, hardly any turbulence at all. In fact it was kinda funny, there were two babies on the plane, one hardly cried at all, the other bawled and bawled as soon as the plane landed. Guess he didn't want to leave!

Anyhow checked into the hotel. It's a very nice hotel. The staff was very courteous, and very responsive to our needs. Vince met me at the hotel on yesterday afternoon, and he is as cute in person as he is in the picture. We went to the opening reception on yesterday and met Person X (names withheld to protect identity). Person X, Vince and I went and did some nighttime sightseeing (courtesy of Person X's vehicle - a Buick LeCrosse), took plenty of photos, then came back to the hotel to prepare to go to Omega DC and Bachelor's Mill. Before we leave the hotel for the clubs, Person X turned the keys over to me, and I got to drive HIS luxury car for the duration of the evening. We started at Omega DC, a two level type club. On the outside it truly looks like a seedy warehouse, but on the inside it's a totally different story. Unfortunately here it was somewhat segregated, as the white people stayed on one floor and the black people were on another floor, and rarely exchanged words with each other. (Note: Isn't this 2005?) Person X and myself played darts all night while Vince watched. Yes, Person X beat me 3 games to 2.

Then we went to Bachelor's Mill. I wasn't about to pay the $15 cover charge until Person X told me not to worry about it. He paid my cover, his, and Vince's. $45 in total. Bachelor's Mill kinda reminds me of a one story Prop House in Chicago, a big room with wanna-be dancers (and of course, your queens trying to vogue). Person X obviously had too much to drink at this point as he almost passed out at least twice. On the third time around I decided it was time for ALL of us to go. We head back to the car and he's staggering, to the point where I almost couldn't keep him walking. We get in the car and start back towards downtown DC. Everything was fine until about 5 minutes away from the hotel, Person X threw up. In the car. Without warning. At that point I'm barreling through DC streets like I do in Chicago, doing as star trek would say, "Warp 9". I had to pull over at least 3 more times before we got back to the hotel.

Finally, we make it back, and I tell Person X that he's NOT going anywhere that night, that he was going to sleep with us. Fortunately the King Size bed they gave me is big enough for three people, so we all slept in the same bed.

Then it happened....

Vince started grabbing my dick. Person X started playing with my nipples. Both of them start sucking on my nipples and sucking my dick. Vince started kissing me (and he's a hell of a kisser). We got into a somewhat-full-fledged three-way right there on that night. It was a lot of oral action though, no penetration (even though I wanted to screw the hell out of Vince, and still do). We all jagged off, and went to sleep about 4AM DC Time. (Note: I always disclose certain things to anyone I sleep with, just had to put that out there.)

We got up this morning and Person X had some errands to do, so he left. Vince and i grabbed Starbucks and that was about all. Today I'm going to Pentagon City Mall and pretty much do a little light shopping. Tonight I have no idea as to what I want to do, heck I may even go back to Omega because I liked what I saw last night (and I love playing darts).

Oh I forgot to talk about the opening reception last night. IT WAS TIRED. Nothing but a whole bunch of queens and drag queens trying to vogue and stand and model. DC really is surprising me this year; these boys out here are acting like they are all that and most of them are not. I truly can't stand it when people just stare at you and not say anything. If you like what you see, OPEN YOUR MOUTH.

Well that's the update from DC thus far. Another update soon.

Stay tuned!!!

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