In DC - Part 2
Day Two.

Yesterday Vince and I didn't do too much of anything during the day. We just kicked around downtown, went and did a little more sightseeing, took some more pictures, and had fun. We went to Pentagon City, one of the largest and most beautiful malls in the DC area. One of the funniest things happened on our way out of the mall and back to the Metrorail. This tall, thick and attractive guy named Kamal walked past us, and he kept turning around and walking towards the mall. So my bold self turned around and went after him. Found out that he's from Ohio, single and not trying to be attached. Sounds like me right about now, so we exchanged numbers and I promised him that I'd hook up with him later on that afternoon.

That was, until I met up with Person Y and Person Z. (Note, names changed to protect identities.)

Person Y and Person Z came back with me to the hotel. Before we got back to the hotel we all stopped off at Starbucks (which is becoming a tradition for me down here). Vince surprised me by showing up at that same Starbucks, and come to find out him and Person Z know each other from chatting on the Internet. So we all go back to the hotel and sit around and talk for about an hour and a half. While we were talking, Person Z had a serious mouth on him, but in a good way. He was challenging me in a sexual way.

So I showed him that I wasn't no punk and didn't care who was in the room.

I got on top of Person Z and we started kissing, even though Vince and Person Y were in the room and sitting almost right next to us. We started grinding, then I turned over on my back and let him start sucking me off. Meanwhile, Vince starts sucking my nippes. Person Y comes over and starts kissing me. All four of us started going at it, and then Person Z pulls out a condom, rolls it on my dick and starts riding me, whiile Vince is kissing me and Person Y is sucking my nipples. Then after Person Z finishes riding me, he fucks Person Y while Vince and I are jagging off. All four of us cum at almost the same time. For the record, Person Z is 19, Person Y is 25.

Then Webster calls. He's at Baltimore Train Station waiting for the Amtrak to bring him into Washington DC. So we clean up relatively quickly and go to meet Webster. When we get back to the hotel Person Z received some bad news: his favorite aunt had passed. So being the comforter that I can be, I took him around the corner and bought him a McFlurry (I told him to get whatever he wanted), then we came back to the hotel. He seemed fine at that point, fine that even when we walked Webster around downtown last night he sent me a few text messages, one in particular stands out:
Ya it was so good I want to move in with u ok

Now I know he was kidding...or was he?

Also I talked with Person X yesterday. He offered to take all three of us to the festival this afternoon at the Convention Center, after we have lunch in Dupont Circle. Of course I accepted the offer!

Finally, back to Kamal. I told him last night that I wanted to see him today and asked him to call me as soon as he got up. We'll see what happens with that and see how it's going to work. I mean I'll be here until tomorrow afternoon so that could work out, somewhat.

That's the update from DC for now. I leave tomorrow afternoon and head back to Chicago. This weekend sure did go by fast!!! Tweet is performing this afternoon at the Convention Center and I truly am excited about that!!!

More later...

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