tonight I get to bring some stuff forward. Some of this stuff might not be suitable for the younger crowd, so proceed with caution.

Let me just say this now: I'm a freak. A BIG freak. Yes I love sex and can't get enough of it. I guess that's one thing that some people that I've dated can say about me (among other things). There are some people in my life that I've messed around with, others that I would LOVE to mess around with, and some I wish I had NEVER messed around with. A good example of someone I have messed around with is Twan. Twan is very attractive, masculine, a big freak like me and knows EVERYTHING about me. (If you truly know me you know what I'm getting at.) Anyhow Twan comes over, we're watching TV and I truly can't resist him. Next thing you know clothes are going every which way and we're making hot passionate love all over the house. The boy truly has it going on! For the first time in a long time I felt good that night and let him do certain things that I wouldn't let the average person do, including my previous two ex's. I took him inside me, right before we exploded all over the place. Yes, being with him I also discovered my versatile side. After we finished we just laid there in the bed in each other's arms and drifted off to sleep. That is stuff that I miss, truly.

Let me not forget the fact that there is someone waiting for me in DC: Vince. Vince is a wonderful person and I await the opportunity to get to know him and to be with him. He's attractive, sweet, and quite possibly just as hot and freaky as I am. He's said several things over the past few days that's making me truly want him, such as the fact that each time I talk to him he gets hard and has explained in detail what he wants to do, such as this text message he sent me: I like you. I want u to fuck me nice and hard.All I can say is that I want to as well! If you were to see a photo of this person you would understand.

I guess some people would say I have an addiction to sex but I call it a passion for it. I guess some people would say I'm a hoe but we've all been a hoe at one point or another right? Sure people can say they love sex but not very many people can actually prove it.

I can.