B'Day Party Is Tomorrow
I got Re'ale Pregnant! I'm gonna be a daddy!!!
Now if you all believe that another man can get pregnant, then you probably believe in Santa...LOL

Tomorrow is my b'day celebration. A total of 10 people are supposed to be coming by. I guess it's time to get the Popeye's Chicken out and go with that. Yes Tony and Derek, I ain't cookin shit, I'm gonna go to Popeye's and get some chicken for errbody...LOL I told people to come bearing gifts because (and this might sound selfish of me) last year I cooked for people and almost everybody came empty-handed. I enjoyed myself with people but it's supposed to be my birthday...why not show some love? It can be argued that just by showing up that's showing love, but in all honesty wouldn't a small token show even more love? Guess that's my selfish-ness kicking in.

I was reading the journal of my friend Derek tonight and someone made a very interesting comment to a comment I left for Derek. I told Derek, in a comment about niggas that D, you know you're absolutely right. It's almost impossible to find somebody like that out there because niggas are on so many games and bullshit. I'm happy that you found someone though. Maybe one day I'll find somebody like that out there... Which left someone to leave a reply to that comment by saying: Awww...Tim - one day you will. You have Re'ale, right? You like spending time w/him - don't you? Well let me say this. I do enjoy spending time with Re'ale. I absolutely love being around him. He truly is a wonderful sweetheart and I care about him very much. But keep in mind that we are still taking things slowly, and that no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

For my 28th B'day, I pretty much did...absolutely nothing. Talked on the phone all day with people, caught up with some friends, and that was about it.

Oh, I almost forgot. My mother called me and told me that I had received a letter from this guy named Adolphus. Let me tell the story behind him. We met way back in 1996, in downtown Chicago. I was just walking around, chillin, when I saw him. We started talking and I showed him around downtown and River North. He had to go back home to Georgia, and we tried to keep in touch, but I left for school and lost all his information. It was truly a shock that he remembered my mother's information and sent a letter to me through her. He's going to be in Chicago sometime soon for another conference, so I made it a point to send him an E-mail immediately.

I'll be going to Atlanta this year for Pride. Only this time I'm taking people with me. Re'ale has expressed interest in going, as well as my friend Stephen and Tony We'll make it work out and we'll have fun together.

Off to bed to get ready for tomorrow. More later...