A BIG THANK YOU to Derek (and his guest), Steven, Webster, Tony, John and Re'ale for coming out to my birthday celebration on last Saturday night. Also a big THANK YOU to Derek (and his guest), Steven, Tony, John and Re'ale for the gifts I received.

The party ended about 4:00AM. It was mostly conversation, with a quick round of The Weakest Link. I truly enjoyed myself, as my guests enjoyed themselves.

Sunday Re'ale had to go to his senior luncheon. He came back with four awards including being in the TOP TEN in his class! I'm so proud of my baby - it's not often you find young people that are truly trying to do something with their lives. He leaves to go to college in August...and I'll miss him. Good for me that he's just going "down the road a piece".

Monday - back to work after a long vacation. I have to go to CTA headquarters this afternoon to get a 7-Day Pass...with the Transit Checks that Derek gave me for my birthday.

I am planning a couple of trips in the upcoming months. July Stephen and I are probably coming back to DC for a weekend. September brings my crew to Atlanta for Atlanta's Black Gay Pride. And in January I'm thinking about doing my first cruise. Stay tuned!!!