Coming Clean...

In a previous entry Tony made mention of the stigma given to HIV folks. For those people that were too lazy to click above, here it is below:

"While I can’t the refute the numbers pumped out by the Center of Disease Control where one third of all gay black men are HIV positive, but I have a problem with constant villanizing the gay population. To spout a tired line, black people don’t see the doctor now, after chalking up gay black men as the new anti-Christ what makes people think that they’ll go for testing, counseling and follow ups. People should think before they start point fingers because soon or later those fingers will point back to themselves. Did that last line sound like Jerry Springer’s Final Thought or what? On a semi-related note, I was somewhere, on some site reading comments which is what I do LURK, and I was sadden by the ignorance of one commentator. Their words exactly “These faggots need to stop killin’ and infecting the str8 females with HIV and go back to killing each other.” No, this wasn’t from GodHatesFag.com and I was upset because there’s a still a great deal of people who don’t know how this virus affects people. I have several close friends and associates who are LIVING with the virus, not out killing straight women or infect others. Being HIV positive is not a death sentence, I wish more people could see that."

I say all of that to go into what I'm about to say. Sissies in Chicago are absolutely terrible. People in general are cruel and terrible. They will say whatever they want to say, hurt whomever they want to hurt, then run into the church house every Sunday and with that same mouth praise God. (Yes, I'm even guilty of that one on occasion.) Let me put something out there that I'm really hesitant to do but I feel it's necessary. As far as Tony's words are concerned, I totally agree, not only because I know several people myself that are HIV positive (and are a lot healthier than most of us, let me tell you), but I am myself. It took me a little while to come to acceptance of it but I have...somewhat. I just found out recently. Do I know how I got it? I'm not going to say I definitely know, but I have an idea as to whom. No I'm not as skinny as a rail nor do I "look" sick but I do know what to do and what NOT to do with people.

I will probably catch a lot of flack from putting this entry on my blog, but I do not care anymore. This is my way of letting people know that either don't know or potentially want to get to know me, as well as putting any rumors to bed. Yes it is true. So what? As long as I use a condom and don't cum in someone's mouth or ass we'll be all good right? As long as I don't let anyone on my back and hit it raw we're all good right? (We all know the possibility of someone getting inside me is very slim, this was the last time it happened.)

Now that I've gotton that off of my chest, it's time to move on to the next thing. Thank you for allowing me into your home, and good night America.

More later...

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