It's FRIDAY!!!

I get to go home at 1:00pm today.

First off thanks to all the nice comments and e-mails that I received about yesterday's entry. It wasn't easy to admit to everybody what's up but now that I have, I feel a lot better. (Plus people can't use the "I didn't know" card anymore.)

Tonight I decided to do something a little different. I booked a room at a Hilton property in the burbs and I'm going clubbing in the burbs tonight, then crash at the hotel. Beats trying to drive all the way home at 3 in the morning. Besides, tonight's supposed to be a nice night. I asked Stephen to come with me; I'm still waiting on a reply from him. But whether he comes or not, I'm still going to have a good time.

The Wonka Ball yesterday evening was wonderful. Re'ale came with me and even though I had the day from hell yesterday, we still have somewhat of a good time. I finally told him the truth - the whole truth about everything - on yesterday. Here's the gist of our very short text messaging convo after I told him:

Re'ale: I told you I wasn't going anywhere.
Tim: now I believe it baby. i'm truly blessed to have someone like you..and I don't deserve it. I welcome u into my life..as fucked up as it is now
Re'ale: It isn't fucked up

After that I called him and we talked until he got home.

This afternoon I'm just pretty much going to chill out at home before I venture off to the hotel for the evening. We'll see how much fun I have tonight out at the club!

More later...

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