Monday Again

I hope everyone had a good weekend. For starters, let me say a BIG what's up to Trent and Tony. Always good to holla at you all.

Let me get on my soapbox for just a minute. Maybe it's just me, but I'm so sick and tired of these wanna-be on the DL niggas (that have pictures of their face, dick and ass on men4now.com and adam4adam.com), these real queeny guys that think they're better than everybody, and these niggas out there that don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. I'm tired of niggas that think it's fun to get all up in your business and then turn the facts around. I'm also tired of niggas that wanna get mad because I speak my mind and don't mince words...even when it comes to my friends. Yeah I may be a black gay male, yeah I may be positive but you best believe that I don't give a damn about what anybody has to say or think about me. And furthermore, I may not have a SUV, I may only live in a studio, and fags in Chicago may talk about me like a damn dog, but I'm grateful for the little blessings that I do have, and NOBODY can take those away from me. And I can guarantee that it's more than you have!!! Fuck y'all!!!

On a lighter note, I ran into someone today named Darren. Now Darren and I have known each other for about three years off-and-on. I was on my way back from CTA headquarters this afternoon on the #20 Madison bus and saw him get off at State Street. (Ironically it was my stop.) I hopped off and ran up to him. We walked and talked for a little bit, then we went to Subway. Come to find out, Darren has pretty much had the hots for me for the past two years, and I kinda thought that, but also thought it would never work because Darren and I are both tops...and personally, I KNOW I would want to hit it sometime soon. Darren is about 6 feet tall, a very thick brotha, and extremely attractive. He works (THANK YOU GOD) and has his own place. Today we're hanging out for a little while. We'll see how it goes.

Finally, Re'ale. Yes I do care about him very much but after this weekend I'm not so sure. Remember on Saturday's entry I said that he couldn't take me? I really got to thinking about that. While I'm not an overly agressive top, I do like to hit it every now and then (I mean REALLY hit it, thug-style with the timberlands on, you name it). Saturday I wasn't really going for the gusto and he was only able to take me for about a minute and a half! He told me that he had to get used to me, which I can understand.But what I can't understand is that in the beginning he was taking it like a soldier, and now all of a sudden he can't. Can someone explain that one to me?

This week I have a lot going on. There's the Mayor's Gala for the GLBT community (invite only) on Wednesday, my event at Bank One Plaza on Thursday, and then the Pride Parade on Sunday. The following weekend is Chicago's version of Black Gay Pride, so for the next couple of weeks I'll be hopping. I'm quite sure I'll have some interesting stories to tell, so stay tuned!!! New stuff every day!

More later...