NOT a normal day

I've got a few things to get off of my chest, so sit back and enjoy the ride......

First off, shout-outs to Tony, Trent, Vincent and ChurchBoy. A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Tony for letting me vent before he went to work this afternoon.

Here we go...

For starters, I simply do not understand why negroes simply want to continue to play games. Re'ale spent the night at my house last night, and when we left this morning it was by way of public transportation. He doesn't live in the safest area in the city so I asked him to call me when he got home. He agreed. SIX AND A HALF HOURS LATER I had to call him to see what was up! Needless to say I ended up getting very angry with him and slamming the phone down because personally, I feel that if a person agrees to do something, they should do it and not dick around about it. If a person is truly concerned about your safety and wants to make sure that you are ok, well damnit be grateful that somebody cares about you. And Re'ale, I am completely finished!!! I can no longer allow you to drive my blood pressure up because you're thinking that I'm either fuckin playin or think that this is a joke. STOP WASTING MY TIME BECAUSE IT'S TOO PRECIOUS TO WASTE!!!
When I confronted him about his lack of calling, you know he told me that he didn't know he could leave messages on my work phone (lie #1), that it didn't occur to him to call my cell phone or text message me (lies #2 and #3 - total bullshit) and that he was sorry. I'm so sick and tired of people using the words "I'm Sorry" as a damn crutch!

ANOTHER THING about sorry ass niggas...while I was on my two-hour lunch today I was leaving the Thompson Center downtown and ran into this guy that I've known by-sight-but-not-really-by-name for years. We start walking and talking, and I decided I wanted to hang out with him this afternoon after I got off...you know, go have a cocktail or something. When it came time to exchange numbers this is how it went:

Tim: So what's your number so I can hit you up when I get off?
Person A: What's YOUR number?
Tim: Now come on, I asked you for your number first. Here's a pen and paper.
Person A: I'll give you mine after you give me yours.
Tim: I don't have time for games. Give me your number and I'll definitely do the same.
Person A: I can't give it out.
which immediately led me to taking my pen back from this scrub and leaving him standing there at Madison and Wabash. My point is, why do niggas always have to play a stupid game? My head hurts almost daily because people want to be ignorant and play ignorant games. I'm 28 years old and the only games I like to play or be played in are on my computer and PS2.

SPEAKING OF SORRY NIGGAS THAT LIKE TO PLAY GAMES....there's Craig. Now Craig and I have physically known each other for at least 3-4 years, ever since I lived in Hyde Park. Craig was even on American Idol...he made it to Hollywood but got cut. Now the last time we saw each other I lived in Hyde Park, and had to put him out of my house because I don't appreciate it when people tell me how to run my house. (Click here to read that particular entry.) Anyhow last Thursday we were supposed to hang out at my house - I even volunteered to pick him up from his house because his car wasn't available. At 2:00pm he agreed to that, but at 6:45pm when I was on my way to his house, he told me that he was afraid of my attitude and that I might jap out on him. I told him "whatever, I'll talk to you later" and hung up the phone. He ended up texting me this morning asking if he could see me tonight (obviously he has his car back but I digress) and I told him that I'd have to see. When I called him back at noontime, he had an attitude so I hung up and sent him a message basically telling him that we needed to chill out. He blew up my cell phone at that point explaining to me that he was not feeling well and on medication. If you're not feeling well and are on medication, why would you be coming over to my house to make me sick too???

OK - let's switch gears here.

Darren came over yesterday afternoon. We had a good time together. We talked, explained to each other what we wanted, and then decided to see if it could happen. We even decided to make plans to try and go to the White Sox game on July 4. I want to get seats on Club Level at $20 a pop. Darren seems like cool peeps, he works, is old school and likes to have fun. I think at this point however a relationship is not going to happen immediately because my mind isn't right. I'm not in the frame of mind of being in a relationship because right now I know I'm very bitter and jaded, because I've been treated like a throw rug for the longest. Who knows what can happen in the future however.....

Timberland Update:I acquired 5 pairs of Timberlands this year: Red, White, Dark Blue, Tan and Burgandy. I want the black ones and the wheat ones, and my collection will be complete. I'll put a photo up here eventually. But yes I love Timberland, Enyce, Girbaud, Guess and Akademics.

Borrowing A Line: Tony has gotton into Memes. I had to steal a post from him. It's called "Have You Honestly..."1. ... got so drunk u woke up in an unfamiliar bed? well yeah i have, that's why i don't drink anymore.2. ... got so pissed that you almost strangled someone? TODAY.3. ... got so hungry you feel like eating your own flesh? ewww...no!4. ... got so addicted to something that got you in trouble? oh yeah, DNA (dick n ass)5. ... got so sick you feel like dying? yeah when i first got on my meds

I have the Mayor's reception tomorrow, Pride on the Plaza on Thursday, and the Pride Parade on Sunday. Also I no longer have a boyfriend so I guess I can let loose at the Pride Parade this year. I guess things do happen for a reason.

Thank you all for listening. More later...