One Hell Of A Weekend

First off, we're fighting.
Re'ale and I got into a serious argument over the weekend over some stupid stuff. For starters, I don't like a liar, let alone a liar that lies about petty stuff that they didn't have to lie about in the first place. I told Re'ale on Thursday what the real deal was, and that he wasn't in any real danger because we never did anything unprotected. Well it turns out that he went to the doctor on Friday and got tested anyway...which I don't have a problem with. But here's where the lie comes in, in a phone convo:

Re'ale: Nothing's going on right now, just helping my aunt with her schoolwork.
Tim: What's she gonna do when you go away to school in the next two months?
Re'ale: I don't know. Let me call you back in about 3 minutes when I'm done helping her.
Tim: OK.

Turns out he wasn't helping his aunt with anything, he was on his way to the clinic, but I'm upset because he (1) tried to cover it up, and (2) didn't have to lie about it. Then we got into it because I told him that things would change once I came clean with him. Now keep in mind that this is a person that is very much true to his word. If he says that he'll call back in 3 minutes, 3 minutes later the phone is ringing. He started "forgetting" to call me and "forgetting" to come over. But the final argument came this afternoon when I had to let him know some stuff. Last night my friend from Ohio came over and Re'ale decided to pop over. My friend (his name is D, and he is a masseur) wanted to give me a shoulder and back massage, which I sorely needed. He started before Re'ale came over and finished while Re'ale was here. Re'ale had a fit because a good friend of mine was giving me a back massage...let me take that back. D did go a little bit too far, and I checked him on that. Re'ale didn't trust me that I would check him on it and got mad - jealous more like it. So today after church we have a big argument over that, and I just came out and told him that I couldn't trust him anymore because he lied, and he told me (in not so many words) that he had a serious problem with what happened with D (which I can understand). However if your other half has asked you to trust him when he says that he will take care of the issue, wouldn't you? Finally, I have said it on numerous occasions, DO NOT TELL ME HOW TO RUN MY HOUSE. I am the only person that can dictate who is being too comfortable and who is not. UNLESS YOU ARE PAYING SOMETHING ON THE RENT, SHUT THE HELL UP!

Because of all of this, I told Re'ale that we didn't know each other well enough to be in a relationship, and that we were going to step back to "dating" status, getting to know each other.

I guess the question is, am I wrong for feeling a little upset? Am I wrong for feeling upset that he lied, even though it was a little one? (I've always been told that if you lie once, you'll lie again, and the next lie won't be as small.) You all be the judge - leave me a comment.

Oh...Friday at Hunter's was wonderful! I danced, danced, and danced some more. This short stocky white guy was trying to hit on me and I entertained his conversation for a short while. Then this tall skinny black guy tried to holla but I could tell that he was high on something...and it wasn't weed.Well back to work tomorrow, then Tuesday is Re'ale's graduation. Yes I'm still going.

More later...

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