The Trouble with Re'ale - Part II


Regardless of the size of the lie, a lie is a lie, no matter what. When he came over to my house on Tuesday, he was obviously affected by alcohol. Seeing as it was his graduation night, I didn't think too much of it.

Convo from Tuesday Night:
Tim: So how does it feel to be a graduate?
Re'ale: It doesn't really feel different.
Tim: It hasn't hit you yet but it will. How many drinks did you have tonight?
Re'ale: I had six shots of vodka.

Note that the key words are in red. Come to find out this morning that he lied about that too. He didn't have six, he had TEN. In all honesty, I wouldn't have cared how many he had, provided he didn't lie to me about it. This is the second (and final) time he's lied about something that he didn't have to lie about.

I called the Hilton Garden Inn and immediately cancelled the reservation for tonight. I refuse to be with anyone that has to tell lies period, then turn around and come up with a fantastic story to try and cover up a lie. For instance:
Convo from this morning:
Tim: Why didn't you call me back last night? I was up until 3AM waiting for you.
Re'ale: I'm sorry. I'm under a lot of pressure. I was arguring with my aunt all night last night....
Tim: I told you that you were changing. The last time you were under a lot of pressure, and arguring with everyone in the house you blew up my cell phone trying to find me. And now all of a sudden you're "forgetting" stuff? Come on now...
Re'ale: But still.....nothing is changing. I'm not changing

The rest of that conversation is a blur because I was so upset and angry at him that I just had to hang up the phone. Another thing that got me was that he said I was "pushing him away" by arguring with him. No buddy, YOU'RE pushing ME away by telling these lies!!!

So I quit! I give up on him. I wish him the best of luck in college but I have to look out for myself. I have to go with what actions are showing me, and actions are showing me that this is not going to work out.

More later...