Tuesday Night At The Movies

Last night Re'ale and I went to a sneak preview of the movie The Honeymooners. The movie itself was short and kinda nice but I found it kinda hard to get into at first, but as the movie went on I thought it was ok.

When we got to the theater, there was ONE LONG LINE that was so long it has wrapped around itself at least once. And unfortunately Re'ale and I had to be at the end of that line! (We found out that it was for two different sneak previews but they put everybody in one line.) Then the line started to move, around the corner, we came upon...
I half expected to see some people from the TSA there. Theater security screened EVERYBODY, even went as far as going into people's bags and purses, even asking folks to show them their cell phones. (People, PLEASE STOP BOOTLEGGING - because of you all this is what we have to go through NOW!)

We went through security (man this sounds like I'm at the airport!) and got into the actual theater. All around us was ghetto fab folks, and although I can be a salamander and blend in with my surroundings, I couldn't blend in with this! To show you how ghetto fab these folks were, when the lights started going down and the movie began, folks was still walking in front of the screen, talking LOUDLY to each other, gabbing LOUDLY on their cell phones...hell I heard enough Nokia ringers that night to last me for the next two weeks! Finally everybody decided to shut up and watch the movie, but I guess folks don't know how to stay in their seats (or at least to duck down when they walk in front of the screen!). Folks kept walking in front of the screen all during the movie - all you saw was Cedric on the screen and a shadow of a body on the screen. COME ON PEOPLE!! STOP ACTIN LIKE YOU AT HOME WHEN YOU GO TO THE SHOW!

Anyhow, besides all the wanna-be-ghetto-fab at the show, it was a nice evening. Re'ale and I went back to my house for a little while and then I took him home. Tonight Re'ale is coming back over to stay the evening, and tomorrow evening we're attending a function together. Should be fun!!!

More later...