OK I know it's 1:30AM and I should already be asleep, but something good happened tonight.

I met someone. A very attractive someone. A hellafied good looking Latino that I met online. He came over this evening and we watched The Apprentice and ER. I was lying up on him and he was looking at me and the TV. About 12:45am (the episodes were taped) he went to use the bathroom before he got ready to leave. I had my back to him when he came out and he said "aren't you going to kiss it goodbye?" I turned, and he had taken his dick out - when I say he had a pretty ass dick, he had a pretty ass dick, circumsized and all. It stood a good 8 inches. So I kissed it (and him) goodbye. I started sucking on that dick and he started moaning. I deep throated it and he moaned even louder. So I pushed him over to the bed and kept sucking on his dick. Then I got on top of him and started grinding, harder and faster as he kept moaning and talking to me. He grabs some lotion and tells me to play with his ass. No problem. I put my finger in his ass and he says "no, play with my ass....with your dick". Definitely not a problem!!!!

So I start playing with his ass with my dick, teasing that tight hole with the head of my dick. He grabs the lotion and lubes up my dick, and for a good 10 minutes I was hittin that ass, with his legs up and his ass over the edge of my bed, until he shot a hot thick nut all over his stomach and his chest. Then I pulled out, jagged it off and shot a hot load. Then we cleaned up and he went home.

DAMN that was a GOOD FUCK!!!

Now I can go to sleep and get ready for work tomorrow....I mean today. :)