A Real Date!!!!!

Last night I actually had a real date!!!

His name is Comcast. We met off of A4A. He's 23, but you wouldn't know it by listening to him. He's very mature for his age. We started the evening by going out for cocktails up on the north side. We went to Roscoe's, where we had a couple and just talked to each other and about other people. It was actually cool, the conversations that is. Then we went across the street to Sidetrack, had one more and got to know each other. After that we stopped at Subway for a late dinner (sort of), and came back to my place to eat and for a nightcap. Seeing as he'd been up since 6AM, I pulled out the other bed and let him stay here (hey, I didn't want him falling asleep behind the wheel) while we watched Batman. We both fell asleep within about 30 minutes of the movie. Nothing happened, which is a good thing.

We're supposed to see each other again tonight after I leave my congregational meeting at church.

The funky thing about us is that we have so many things in common. He likes sci-fi, Subway, techno, dance, house, gospel music and jazz, just like me. He's a technology geek just like me. It's truly wonderful. And he's attractive. We'll see where this goes.

Not too much planned for today, just laundry. Who knows what else might happen though. We'll see.

More Later...