Blog Housekeeping Rule


With the onset of a lot of negativity in the blog world, I've established a general "housekeeping rule" for this blog.

Keep the negative comments to yourself.

I don't leave negative comments on the web, so please don't leave them here. I delete all comments of a negative nature and report the users to blogger. I understand who these people are and will name REAL names and post other tidbits of interest if you continue to leave negative comments. It's a shame that it's the same four people that are doing it. Guess they don't have a life, but I digress.

Constructive comments are always welcome, but if they are nasty they will be deleted and, of course, the user reported to blogger. Let me remind people that you can't really hide on the Internet; you can and will be found. (Can you say I.P Address?)

As for the late and tired fag that left a very nasty comment that I kindly deleted from my entry on yesterday, keep in mind this: FUCK YOU.

With THAT being said, I now turn the floor back over to you, again.