BYTCHES - And My Upcoming Trip

It's not the job I hate. It's some of the people.

There is this one person at my job named Cathy (and that's her real name, so you KNOW I'm pissed at her) that simply makes me not want to work there. You know how you have one ghetto-ass-wanna-be-all-good-but-ain't-nothing-but-a-piece-of-shit person at your job that if you could, you'd fire a rocket up their ass. She's the main one. She's fake. Everything about her is fake, from the coloring in the fake hair to her attitude. Every morning she brings her fake ass to work, she wants to start some mess WITH ME. This morning I was on my way to Walgreen's, and asked everybody in the office if they wanted anything from Walgreen's. She comes up to me, puts her lunch on my arm (it was in a plastic bag), and TOLD me (not ASKED me) to take it down to the staff dining room and put it in the fridge. Well I was raised to ask NICELY, so I immediately put it back on her desk. You know she does the same shit again and tells me "just put it in the fridge for me...". I'm like "I'm not going downstairs to the cafeteria, I'm going straight out the building". She wanted to start a big fuss about that, saying "all you gotta do is put it downstairs, it's on your way out anyways". I told her "well do it yourself then!" Eventually another co-worker asked me nicely so I did it for her, but that's not where the shit REALLY kicks in. About 3 this afternoon Ms. Fake Bitch and her friend came back from lunch. She asked me "where did you put the lunch?" I ignored her. My other co-worker asked, and I told her "in the fridge". Then Ms. Fake Bitch starts with "you should've put it in the freezer", which lead to a 10 minute heated argument between me and her. I simply told her to "leave me alone because I ain't trying to get fired today". She left me alone but tomorrow is another day and history has a habit of repeating itself.

Still don't believe that I'm justified in how I feel about her? Another instance is when I was kind enough to buy her some Starbucks coffee. You know she acted all happy to get it and started talking about my ass 15 minutes later? She's just like some of these gay black men out there: Fake, Trifling, and Retarded.

Now that I've gotton that off of my chest, I feel better.

ATTENTION EAST COAST FOLKS: I WILL BE IN DC IN 2-3 WEEKS. DETAILS ARE STILL BEING WORKED OUT, BUT I WILL BE THERE EITHER VETERAN'S DAY WEEKEND OR THE WEEKEND AFTER. Foxy, and all my other peeps on the East, y'all get ready for me. I wanna see y'all while I'm there!!!!!

Plan 1 for my trip: Drive there and arrive the afternoon of November 11. Chill in DC until the 13th, and drive back the morning of the 13th.
Plan 2 for my trip: Fly there and arrive the evening of November 18. Chill in DC until the 20th, and fly back the morning of the 20th.

I'll keep y'all posted, but for certain, this trip is a GO. I wanna check out the clubs I hit up when I was there the past two times, back in May and July. I wanna have some more fun this time around. I wanna be a bad boy. :)

More Later!!!