Finding Love After Two Years

Taken from E. Lynn Harris' Novel, Just As I Am:

"With Trent I felt I could say anything, that I was talking with somebody who understood and who had known me for a great deal of my adult life. So many times, I thought, we look for love in all the wrong places....When it was time to leave, Trent and I both became sad. Trent promised to come to Atlanta the very next weekend and we promised to cal each other every day. I tried to dissuade Trent from taking me to the airport but he insisted, saying, 'After all the years of wanting to be close to you, I'm not going to waste another minute.'...In a time when my life had locked up and shut down, Trent Carlton Walters had secretly owned the key for more than a decade."

I had a similar situation happen to me last night. Someone very close to me, very special to me, someone that I have never mentioned before, shared a very special moment with me. Shorty and I have known each other for at least 4 years, and I've admired...no, loved him for at least two. We'd hang out, talk on Yahoo Messenger, see each other on A4A, and it seemed that every time we'd meet up, some sexual stuff would pop off. The last time we got together he said a lot of stuff to me, most of which I really thought about, but alcohol played a part in it (so he says) but I still believed him. Last night all of that came to a head. He came over and we were having some wine coolers, shooting the breeze, just talking about stuff, and eventually watching The Golden Girls (y'all gotta get the DVDs!). I just came out and told him how I felt about him, that I was in love with him, despite the fact that I kept folks on the side (but that will be changing very soon). I told him that I wanted him, that he was my nigga, and that was the end of it. Here's where the E. Lynn Harris script comes in: He pretty much admitted the same thing, with a few exceptions. Then we made love - not had sex, but made love. There was no penetration, it was all foreplay and passion. And for you nosey people out there, he knows. I have not had any type of passion like that in a very long time - it was at least ten times better than the Mind Blowing Passion with Rogers Park I blogged about. We agreed to hang out more and continue on the course that we're on. I can definitely deal with that.

There will be another entry later.