Life's Lessons

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone. Don't eat too much!

Being on this earth (and in this city) for 28 years has taught me a lot of lessons. Being out of the closet for 12 years has taught me even more lessons. Life is full of experiences and teachings that we should heed on a daily basis, such as the "three day rule" or TDR for short. What the TDR basically says, is that if you're seeing someone, and they promise to call you back, wait for them to do so. If after three days they don't call you back, what happens?

Abandonment and Termination.

Even in corporate America, most employers will fire you if you have three straight no-call-no-shows. (Some places have less than that.) Bottom line is, the TDR definitely comes in handy in weeding out a lot of stuff.

Another lesson I've learned is "friends are forever, fucks are forgettable." I don't need to explain that statement. However certain individuals in my second circle are forgetting that rule and are trying to bend it somewhat. Not a chance. I think that if you allow a fuck to come inbetween yourself and a friend, then that person wasn't a friend to begin with and proceeding with caution is warranted.

Finally, let me just say this: I'm very happy right now. A certain person in my life has touched me in ways that aren't describable. This person knows who they are, and they know what they did, and will continue to do. Don't try to go back in the archives to find out who I'm talking about, because you won't find them anywhere in my blog. LOL But they know that it's definitely all love on this end.

More Later...