Mind Blowing Passion

A while ago I made mention to not having any "mind blowing" sex, and that the sex I've been having lately has been somewhat mediocore.

All that changed tonight.

Rogers Park came into the picture. He's 5'9, about 185# of muscle, multiple tattoos, a nipple piercing...and very intelligent. I went over to his house this evening for conversation and a movie. We talked about things most gay men would know nothing about, such as the state of the world, personal interests, movies and music. Now admit it, most gay men wouldn't even touch on that subject because, as I've been told, "that takes too much time away from getting busy". While we were talking about things from the 80s that we remembered (such as Nintendo and the Exxon Valdez), he looked into my eyes. I looked into his eyes. The look he had on his face was amazing. Then he kissed me. It started off as a small kiss but quickly turned into a very passionate embrace and kiss. We kissed each other, very passionately, for about 15 minutes. Then I stood up, pulled him off the couch, and started hugging and kissing him. We stand there doing that for about 10 minutes, then he leads me to the bedroom. He pulls me on top of him, and for the next 45 minutes it was nothing but passion. It wasn't about sex, it wasn't about getting a nut. I could actually feel the passion coming from both of us. When we finally did nut, he didn't let me get up, and I didn't let him get up, for a good little while. We just laid in each other's arms in his bed, and it really felt good.

I haven't felt this good in a while. Needless to say, he made love to my mind with his intelligence, and then he made love to my body with his passion. We're supposed to be seeing each other tomorrow, and I honestly can't wait!!!

Comcast appears to be out of the picture. He has not called me back since that day. Oh well, his loss!

Cathy from work hasn't said anything to me today. Let's keep that trend going, shall we?

More Later!!!