Them Bytches At It Again!!!

I'm starting to hate some of the folks at my job again.

Remember Cathy? (If not click here.) Well yesterday I bought two small teddy bears, one for My Shorty and another for Gemini, since he was feeling kinda down. I left the bears in a bag at my desk and went to the restroom at 4:00pm. When I came back and prepared to punch out, I noticed something:


I asked "Who took my bear?" Silence. I then say "Who took my fuckin bear?" And suddenly, one of my co-workers says "Here it is." Reaches into a cabinet and takes it out. Natrually I get upset because I don't like people to play with my stuff like that - it's a childhood scar - so I let them know that I didn't appreciate them playing with me like that. Ms. Fake Cathy says, as I'm walking out the door, "You cryin over a stuffed bear." That's besides the point. It's MY stuffed bear! Now, let me take her purse and hide it in a cabinet or something and see what happens.

So this morning I walk in and say "Good Morning", and that's the last words that came out of my mouth today - until Ms. Fake Cathy walks up to my desk and asks, in her fake-caring voice, "Are you ok? Why are you upset...does it have something to do with yesterday and the bear?" I told her "I'm just going through something and don't want to talk about it." She then says, like a dumb bitch, "Well if you wanna talk about it, I'm here." I tell her "I won't talk to you about it, but thanks anyway" and went back to my CD. From this day forth, I have nothing to do with those people. It's just going to be "good morning" and "good night", not another word.

Moving on...My Shorty and I are doing ok. We talked today and he's supposed to be coming over tonight...but 'tis 11:00pm and I'm getting a tad bit worried. He's gonna make me comb the streets of Chicago lookin for his ass!!!

Finally, pray for Gemini, and my good friend Nate Spencer. Nate is in the hospital and not faring too well at all. I went to see him this evening and he doesn't look good. Gemini has a bad case of hypertension, thanks to these fuckin fags in this tired city. Please, please pray for both of them.More Later....