The Weekend

Didn't do too much this past weekend. I spent time with Midway, absolutely no time with Rogers Park, and hung out with two lesbians that I know from my church.

I have to say this about Midway. It looks like he is going to win the battle. I absolutely love being with him, and he enjoys my company. Yesterday we went out to Homewood to have dinner with the female couple that attends my church. They have a nice apartment, hell maybe I need to come out of the Ivory Tower that I call home...LOL He's a true sweetheart and extremely attractive. The girls loved him too, so I don't think this will be the last of him. It's only the beginning.

Rogers Park is going through some issues right now with his aunt. She's not doing well at all. Please pray for him and her. Also, please pray for Gemini, as he's not doing well at all. I'm actually worried about him.

I will post a more detailed entry later tonight but I have to dash to work now.