The Weekend

No, I haven't been tied up and locked away.

For starters, Rogers Park and I went out to dinner on yesterday evening. He took me to a nice restaurant up in Evanston and we had fun eating, laughing, and talking. Then we walked around downtown Evanston for a little bit and came back to my house, where we watched a movie and ended up falling asleep, but not before we got just a little intimate, which is something I've been waiting for. He felt DAMN good as he kissed me, touched me, caressed me and made my body feel good. He tasted good as I licked him, sucked him, and kissed him. It felt good when we climaxed at the same time...cleaned up and fell asleep (all on the movie, mind you!). Then we got up this morning, he went to teach his dance class and I went to work. We've been text-messaging each other back and forth all day long. I enjoy spending time with him, and vice versa.

Now in addition to Rogers Park, we have Midway, an attractive bottom guy that lives near Midway Airport. We met online a few days ago, and tonight will be the second night that we actually hang out. We'll see where this goes.

My trip to DC doesn't seem like it's going to be a reality. My funding has yet to arrive, and I found out that the United States Postal Service (USPS, or United States Piece of Shit) had a forward-mail order for me that has been active FOR THE PAST ELEVEN MONTHS. I'd like to know how I get some of my mail, but NOT ALL OF IT. Supposedly when I called customer service today they cancelled it, but I'm afraid the damage has already been done. We'll see what happens here.