Isn't It Funny?

My pastor told me a very long time ago two things that I think are paramount:

"Everybody your color isn't in your corner."
"Everybody NOT your color is NOT your enemy."

It's funny how some people are in your corner and act like their your friend one minute, and the next minute they're slamming you all over the place. It's funny how some people see that you are happy and good things are coming, and they slam you all over the place (or try to). As the header on this blog says, "You fags and haters can suck my ****".

I wasn't brought into this world to be liked by individuals that have no lives. I wasn't brought into this world to kiss ass. And I certaintly wasn't brought into this world to impress anybody.

Why am I going off like this?
Because someone that I thought was a friend put a whole bunch of slanderous comments about me on their blog. Normally I wouldn't let it get to me, until they said (AND I QUOTE) "His negativity and desperate displays of affection with his "lover", which will be a surprise if they make it six months past their "commitment" ceremony..." I can't help it if I am in love with someone and your miserable ass is heading back to Atlanta to deal with those sissies. I can't help it if you COULDN'T MAKE IT UP HERE. oh yeah, I almost forgot, if you're going to tell a story, don't add any made-up shit to it, ok? Have sex with YOU? Mutha fucka please. I haven't cheated on my lover and don't plan on it either! Me outing people about their lifestyle? Uh, why are you talking about you? (And yes I have PROOF of that bitch!)

Oh, and one more thing. I am FAR from desperate. If we're going to go on the looks category, I look a hell of a lot better than this individual I'm speaking of. It's been told by more than one person that has seen their pictures and mine. Just because you're not getting a husband OR LAID doesn't mean you have to be hateful towards me. I ain't done shit to you. So, FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU ALL THE WAY BACK TO ATLANTA. FUCK YOU WITH A 2 BY 4 WITH NAILS STICKING OUT OF THE END OF IT!

This is what I talk about. This fucked up ass gay lifestyle for blacks. Black fags make it ten times harder than it should be to co-exist. This is probably why this tired ass city doesn't have any REAL black gay clubs, only "portable" clubs. You go up to the north side around the white folks, they have clubs that rock 7 nights a week. Clubs that THEY OWN, NOT RENT. Why? Because most black gay men are too busy trying to start stupid ass bullshit than to improve themselves. I'm SOOOOOOOO glad that in two months I'll be leaving this tired ass city behind, with my lover in tow.

And now, a word from our sponsor.....


Ladynay said...

We all must be careful with who we associate with and who we call friends. Just focus your energy on yourself and your new life ahead.

P.S. When I came across that posting, I was wondering if that was about you.

*Madosi said...

all i gots to say is ... why all the hate on ATL?!


I know it ain't all that, but damn I do luuhs my city ... LOL!


TheOneandOnlyInsanely said...

Happy you're moving on. Fuck the haters and the fags....TOO FUNNY, and I'm sorry they burnt yo smitty up like that.

The Foxybrown Show said...

How 'bout that entry is fierce brother Tim.

I'm eating this one up!

Mr. Maurice said...

LOL, wow, Dont let people make you mad cause in turn you will suffer more than them. It will make you sick and none of us can afford to be sick in this day and age.

Mandy said...

"Everybody your color isn't in your corner."
"Everybody NOT your color is NOT your enemy."

Boy, is that ever SO true!!! And I'm with Maurice... hatred and anger will make you sick, but more so if you keep it inside. But writing it down definitely helps! Vent away! Your friends are here for you!