Welcome to 2006!!!!!

My 2006 started by my participation in church. I went to church last night and prayed out the old year and prayed in the new year. It was truly an experience. If you do not attend watch meeting services at your respective church home (or if your church doesn't have watch meeting services), you are truly missing an experience. The service made me really ponder what I have done this past year. And while I'm not so proud of some things and very proud of others, I'm grateful to still be here!!!

NOW, an update on the situation I posted yesterday. Let me just say this to everybody. I wasn't the one that said "I shouldn't be doing this" or "We're done". HE DID. That tells me that he didn't love me AT ALL. Fine. His loss. I'm quite sure there's somebody out there that is intelligent, that is working and not a pothead, that is honest and sincere and clean that is looking to get to know someone that's on the up and up.

Here's one more picture from my new place. This is the entrance to the "retail gallery" which connects all of the buildings. I intentionally covered up the name of the property because I'm not trying to put that out there like that.

I've said it once before and I'll say it again:

Now let's have a good 2006!


Reg said...

Cool man. Really cool. I do sometimes attend Midnight Mass (the Catholic equivalent of what u were talking about) and it's always the bomb. You always feel the spirit, especially when all the lights are turned off and everyone's holding a candle in hand. Best luck for u in 2006. Peace and blessings to your home.


Mr. Maurice said...

My Watch night service was off the chain too... GOD showed up and showed out... He made me think and while worshiping and praising him he showed me some things that i need to see in 06. He confirmed those things to let me know it was his voice I heard during sunday services.

Jamal K. Franklin said...

My watch night was cool too - but it wasn't your normal watch night. We had a stepper's set and a masquerade ball - the theme was "unveiling the new you in 2006." It was hot and a great concept as well. We had service at about 10:30 - but definitely a hot night to remember!

Coming Into Reality,

lj said...

well man. I'm glad you're doing well after your breakup and your new place looks fresh to death.

The Foxybrown Show said...

And the crowd goes Wild...Happy New Year Mr. Timothy Hope 2006 is your best year yet!