Now you have seen basically three sides of me: The Summer, The In-House, And The Professional.

1/24/06. Off the phone with the East Coast's sexiest man, Mr. ShawnQt. Already got one job, about to go land another job that pays more.

Wish me luck!!!


Ladynay said...

Good luck?

Going to work 2 jobs, or you leaving the 1st when the 2nd is secured?

The Foxybrown Show said...

Go On Man...Wait..

WHY I thought I was the sexiest thing on the East Coast??

FreekONature said...

Did you move at all from the last position? I think u changed in front of the camera!

AND WHY IS YOUR WORD VERIFICATION SOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOONG! They gave me two african names to translate...

Mr. Maurice said...

Gone ahead! I got a job interview today

ShawnQt said...

I love the professional look, now when are we going to see you smile?

ps. I wish I was the sexiest man on the east coast, lol.