What GOD can definitely do!!! (Part 2)

Had my two interviews today.

The first position was for a sales/management position. I almost considered it until they told me it was for a DIRECT sales position with hardly any emphasis on marketing. Needless to say I declined that position, simply because I don't think I would be a good fit for that position.

The second position is the one that I really feel good about. It's for a Financial Aid advisor at a university in the suburbs. The pay is wonderful, the benefits are wonderful and the job seems fitting for me. The staffing consultant was very impressed with me and quickly scheduled me for a second interview next week. Keep praying for me!!!

Last night I went to Hydrate on the north side for their dollar drink night and had an absolute good time. I met a female couple and we spent about 2 hours talking...and drinking...and talking. This could be the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Also last night I talked to one of the sexiest men on the east coast, Mr. ShawnQT (always a pleasure talking to you, my friend) and I hope to see him when I make my annual trip to the east side of the country in a few months.

More Later!!!

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Mr. Maurice said...

I aint worried.. if you keep steadfast in praying, fasting, and on your knees praying you'll get what he has for you. Great things are in store for me.