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Last night me, my other half, and my best friend went to Hydrate on the north side for their dollar drink night. We had a lot of fun. We were getting full, talkin about folks and making the people at the table next to us laugh with us! Now if you've been in the lifestyle for any amount of time you know that up north the street hustlers "work" all times of the year, and last night was no exception. We were sitting at the windows overlooking Halsted Street and this one young boy was walking back and forth and finally stood at the bus stop directly across the street from Hydrate. Only problem is that this particular bus line ends two blocks from the bar, so catching a bus there would make no sense at all...in other words he wasn't waiting for no bus. I guess he saw us laughing and talking, so he decided to come INTO THE BAR. Did that stop us? Of course not! But we were a little more discreet about it! He walks around for about 5 minutes, and then he leaves, but was staring at us for most of that time, even walks up and speaks to us! I wanted so badly to say "No sweety, I don't have to pay for it!" but my other half gave me that "baby, please be nice" look.

Afterwards we all go to IHOP and ate our hearts out. All of us got full off of the T-bone steak, cheese sticks and pancakes. When we got ready to leave, my best friend was about to get some money together, but my other half told him that he had it. My best friend (being humorous) said "Tim, keep him!" He has no idea!

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Hassan said...

Dammit, I love it...

so local, so Chicago.

that's one thing we can still do in this big ass city. Drink cheaply, eat good and laugh at folks on the regular...