My Valentine's Day-and Random Thoughts

My Valentine's Day was very enjoyable.

Someone very special to me gave me a few things to let me know that he cares about me:

He gave me five cards, a stuffed dog, and a beautiful assortment of roses that I truly adore!!!

I'm glad to know that there is somebody that loves me!!!

We spent the evening at my house just talking, cuddling, and enjoying each other's company. All in all, a very wonderful Valentine's Day.
Last Saturday night, I made reservations for us at the Embassy Suites complete with dinner, wine, the whole nine yards. I spared NO expense!!! Needless to say, the night ended with two individuals doing what "grown folks" do! LOL I'm not going to put a picture of him on here, but I'll refer to him as Nes.

Now for the random thoughts.

Why folks that call themselves a friend gotta lie? TWO folks fall in this category. For starters, a certain individual that resides in Atlanta told me he was coming to Chicago to visit and to see me. He even gave me his flight information and hotel information. Well the time came for me to prepare to drive out to O'Hare Airport to get him (for those folks that live in or near Chicago, you KNOW O'Hare is a hike!! I call it "O'Far"). Something told me to check his flight status on the airline's website. I'm glad I did because that flight had nothing to do with Atlanta. I called his hotel and they had no knowledge of him even making a reservation. Needless to say, a very nasty "nasty-gram" was sent via e-mail.
The second individual actually came to Chicago (and I've known this individual for a number of years now) but didn't have any time to see me or to return my phone calls. This is after he said on numerous occasions that he wanted to see me, above all else, while he was here. You want to see me but you don't have time for me or time to return my calls??? That's all good, it shows what type of friend you are. BOTH OF YOU. Don't be surprised if I suddenly become to busy to even answer the phone or to return phone calls (thank God for Caller ID).

That's my random thought for right now.

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