Addendum to "Northside Bar" Entry

I received a response to my letter about the incident that happened at Sidetrack last Friday night.

Tim -
Thank you for taking the time to speak with me regarding your concerns. We apologize for the awkwardness of last Friday, simply put, that was not Sidetrack at its best. Again, we truly do appreciate our customers and we hope you will consider visiting us again. Thank you for your honesty. We hope you will accept this as a token of our sincerity and that we may better serve you in the future.
Chuck Hyde, General Manager

Included in the letter, were TWO $25 GIFT CERTIFICATES TO THE BAR.

Maybe I will go back there again. This shows that they truly are sorry about what happened and that they do want my business.

We'll see if it happens again.


Virginia Slim said...

I say sell 'em on ebay or craigslist.

Tim said...

Nah Virginia, that'd be like giving away free money. I'm gonna keep 'em and use 'em tonight.

That Dude Right There said...

Nah, if you go back, then you are doing exactly what they want you to do. They want to to come back once, in hopes that you will come back again and again. the gift certificates are bullshit in disguise.

I agree with the idea to sell them on ebay or craigslist.