I have an issue that I need to get off my chest.

Last night my other half and I were supposed to get together and spend some time together. Unfortunately that didn't come to pass when I got a chirp saying something along the lines of this:
"I'm really pissed off at the world right now and I'm about to go postal, I'm going to go home and just be by myself."

When I asked (twice) what was going on, showing some concern, he didn't want to talk about what was going on, which is understandable giving whatever it was, but it wasn't the first time. This was more like the third, and the second time that "being pissed off" has resulted in cancelling our "alone time".

Lack of communication.

My belief is that if we're supposed to be engaged, and we're supposed to be getting ready to have a ceremony, then you should communicate with your other half, if not right away, at some point. I'm still waiting to hear what was wrong the last two times.

Baby, I love you, but I'm trying to help you and be there for you. I can't be the husband you want me to be if you don't let me.

So needless to say, after I told him to take time for himself and to call me when he felt like talking, I turned off my Nextel and went to bed. Am I getting frustrated? You betcha!

I'm going to work now.


Jamal K. Franklin said...

Oh Lord...

Nsane Lee Sane said...

I get like that from time to time, where I want to be away from the world.

I understand your point of view, that you need to know everything, cause I'm the same way, however, he may just want to collect his thoughts before speaking to you about it, in fear of displaced anger.

Don't take it personal, but eventually he gone have to tell you...

Dynasty said...

I'm like your other half. When I'm going through something I sometimes don't want to talk or get opinions or even be cheered up. Once it's over its seems like its not that important to discuss anymore...it's over.

4GOTTEN1 said...

Yo man I toatally agree with you...he has to communicate more with you, especially if the two of you plan to spend the rest of your lives together.