Thoughts on Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter)

For starters, two quick things:

1. My other half's brother (and his best friend) JOINED our church this morning!!! We were both so excited, he almost broke down in tears in the choir loft, and I did break down in tears sitting in the sanctuary! Best of luck to you both!!!

2. I know my other half reads this blog on a daily basis, so let me make a public statement. Baby, I Love You. October 28th can't get here fast enough for me.

Now that I've gotton that out of the way, let me really get into today's entry....

Thank you all for your words and prayers while I go through this trial called "dealing-with-bull-at-work". I truly do appreciate everything that is said.
I decided to go to work on Monday. I have a strong feeling that this isn't over, and as such have been sending my resume through Careerbuilder.com and Monster.com at the rate of about 20 per day since last Thursday. We'll see what happens with that, especially since I'm quite sure they know I'm trying to get out of there...and I say that because last week someone called to verify my employment there. 'Nuff said!

This weekend me, my other half and a couple of our other friends are supposed to be going to Milwaukee. Rev. Wanda Washington, an associate minister at our church, recently was called to lead a new church called Grace United Church of Christ. (We went last weekend too, below are some pictures.) We definitely support her.

More Later!

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The Foxybrown Show said...

Ooooooooh Imma fight you for catchin the holy spirit, you go sunshine!