The Weekend

Well this weekend was truly an enjoyable one.

Let's start with today. Got to spend some real quality time with my other half (and my best friend), and got to watch the two of them "cut" each other back and forth while trying not to die of laughter. It's really refreshing to see your other half AND your best friend actually getting along. That doesn't happen too often and when it does, it's wonderful. The three of us talked and laughed all afternoon and evening long, and I got to hold my other half closer to me when the thunderstorms rumbled through the area. (He's scared of the lightning.)

Saturday I got to spend some time with my other half and my best friend again. We went to the racetrack and had fun winning money. It was my other half's first time ever to the horse races, and he truly enjoyed himself. We're even talking about having "A Night At The Races" for my birthday in the next couple of months. Afterwards, we went back to my house, my best friend went home, and my other half fell asleep in my arms. That is one of the best feelings in the world.

So this upcoming weekend my other half, my best friend and I are all going up to Milwaukee. One of the associate ministers of my church recently got her own church, and her first service is on Palm Sunday. We're going to support her...after we check into the suite I reserved and we go play a few rounds of Bingo at Potawatomi.

More Later!


TheOneandOnlyInsanely said...

I usually cuddle with my son when its lighting.

But it must be nice to have someone to cuddle with, I can't cuddle with him too much longer, he getting to big....

ShawnQt said...