Work Is Crazy

This has truly been one of those weeks at work that has made me question my purpose at that office.

For starters, me and the operations director have been bumping heads lately...and not in a good way either. When I was hired to take over the front office, I was told to basically run things in the most efficient way I knew how, and to not be afraid to voice my opinion on things. No problem.

Except when she doesn't like my opinion.

Two days ago some paperwork ended up missing, and we had to literally tear up the office looking for it. It was in a pile of paperwork that had been submitted the previous evening but put in a different location. Two weeks ago I set aside a folder and asked everyone to put the previous night's paperwork in that one folder so it would be readily accessible if needed. No one listened, and we almost had a serious problem. When I mentioned that I asked everyone to put the paperwork in the one folder, my idea was immediately dismissed, and her exact words were "we want the production guys to focus on production. if they can at least finish the paperwork and meet us halfway, that's a good thing." I countered "but if people listened to my idea and put paperwork in one spot, we wouldn't have any problems!" She gave me a hard look like she wanted to really say something, and then said in a cold tone "why don't you get started on that?" Then walks away. And goes into the breakroom, which is something she NEVER does. The VP of Operations follows her into the breakroom, which is something HE NEVER DOES EITHER.

Then the icing on the cake comes this afternoon when I was, in not-so-many-words, accused of trying to cheat the company. Each Thursday I input employee orders for Friday afternoon. I have to get prices off of the system and manually figure out the employee rate. Turns out that some of the prices given to me were wrong and resulted in the company almost taking a huge hit because of that error. But the killer part is the operations director saying to my face that she "didn't believe my explanation because it made no sense that person A gave you these prices and now she's the one flagging errors". I wanted SO BADLY to walk out of that office, get into my car, and go home, simply because I don't have to cheat the company. I don't WANT to cheat the company and to be quite honest, couldn't really give a damn about the company. So this evening I took all of my personal effects home, because I'm waiting on them to pull a Donald Trump on me, which is fine.

I put my resume back on Monster and Careerbuilder this evening.


B a L L a C h i x said...

I feel for you and I hope they get their shit together. Only if work could be drama-free!!!!! i really enjoy your blog!!!! Keep em coming!!!!!

Reg said...

Hey, how u doin?

:-) Look, sorry to say, but it sounds like they have been trying to find an excuse to get rid of you. They give you an opportunity to voice yourself, then shoot you down. The evil woman gives you dirty looks (which is very unprofessional, lol) and carries away into the lounge. She accuses you on cheating the company deliberately, when she has no proof to that effect. The figures you were given were wrong, plain and simple. And that's up the the source of information, not you. Perhaps if you had documents/proof of being given those figures, then they wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

Yet I wouldn't give up so easy if I were you. I wouldn't throw in the towel just yet and prepare to leave. It's not only your job at line, it's your credibility. Tell that biotch, she could put that where? Back there.

I finally commented on your blog! It was orgasmic.

Reg said...

Ok, now I have to refer to October 28, 2005's post, because there's no way to leave a comment. But DANG! You're too much. But you definitely did give me something to daydream about.


demetrius said...

Best wishes with those corporate kisses, Tim. Truly some kooky crazee DUMB stuff up in these places. Alas, we got make rent, eats, and ALL the rest.

Jamal K. Franklin said...

DAmn - sorry you've been having these problems. You've been dealing with work shit for a while now...I hope it works out better for you in the future. DId you ever move?

Dynasty said...

Damn, it seems you can't catch a break in the work place. Maybe you need to start your own business or something...become your own boss. You took some really good pictures. Maybe there is something there. Keep your head up...

Mr. Maurice said...

Sounds like your the Dumpee, the person who they have to blame.