Yes It's True! (Work Is Civil)

I guess whatever was biting my supervisor has let her go because she's now acting more civil. She's not as phony as she has been. But I still stand by my decision to go on this "meet-and-greet" on Thursday in Northbrook. If anything they'll pay me more money to do the same things that I'm doing now, and won't try to take any tasks away from me like these people have. They trained me on payroll, data entry and a myraid of other things. Then they took the data entry away from me when the main office screwed up some prices, and took payroll away from me for no reason. THEN accused me of lying and attempting to cheat the company! So basically I'm just a paper-passer, collecting all the papers and passing them to the VP, who has no idea as to what he's doing when it comes to doing my old tasks. Oh well.

So yes it's true: my other half and I are engaged. We exchanged bands and (hopefully) will get a date finalized soon. It's my fault that the date hasn't been set...well it was set for August but I decided to postpone it so we can take care of our finances. And yes, that's the silver band in the picture.

Well it's Wednesday. Middle of the week. Believe me, I can't wait until Friday!


Mr. Maurice said...

When its time for you to get a new job then it will come to you. BY the way Congrats on your engagement.

Ladynay said...

I simply refuse to say congrats yet! LOL My feelings got hurt the last time.

I am glad you are in lovey dovey land tho'

B a L L a C h i x said...