Catching Up

(sigh) and now we resume our regularly scheduled programming.

It's been a long week and a half since my last entry and a lot of things have happened since then. Let me just touch on the most important ones:

Job Situation. I've interviewed...and interviewed...and gone to Temp agencies. I went to a particular temporary agency yesterday for the first time and took the computer and typing tests that they offered. Apparently I did so well (84 words per minute baby!) that they want to place me in a long-term assignment starting NEXT WEDNESDAY. "And my God rescued me right in the nick of time!" The pay is good, the hours are good, and it's down the street from my house, which makes it a perfect Trifecta.

Niggas and Fags. Gotta get on my soapbox for just a few minutes about niggas and fags.

Earlier today I was out with my associate Tyrone just shootin the shit because our birthdays are coming up. (It's the GEMINI time baby!) While we were shooting the shit, several things happened. First of all, he told me about a stabbing in Jackson Park just a few days ago in the parking lot. The reason? Because the guy (that got stabbed) didn't like someone (who did the stabbing). Stupid shit like that makes me wonder how many days we as black men have left.

Then, the person that got stabbed showed up on the scene (keep in mind we're at 64th Street Beach, NOT Jackson Park) and started running his mouth with everybody around us. Then he comes up to us, and me being concerned, inquired about his condition. He says "I'm fine; I'm here looking at your cute ass" and proceeds to start touching me and trying to see what type of boxers I'm wearing. I had to push him away, advise him that I'm taken, and advise him that if he didn't want to go back to the hospital, he needed to leave me be. Needless to say, Tyrone stepped in and helped handle the situation.

Finally, after coming back home, I received a voicemail from an associate named Fred. He wanted to know what was going on tonight, so I called him back. Needless to say I wasn't the Tim that he wanted to talk to, and then he made the statement that the Tim he was looking for "runs in the same circle" as him. Offended because I'm not a late sissy like he is, I hung up the phone and sent him a text message asking him to delete my number and never call me again, since I'm not so "high and mighty" as he is to be "privileged" to run to the same late ass bar every weekend and throw away my hard earned money, or "privileged" to run up to the Jackson Park parking lot every Sunday to see a whole bunch of late, tired, slutty queens attempting to vogue in the middle of the parking lot. On Sundays I'd rather go to church and give glory to God instead of giving glory to the gloryhole...or the sissy...but I digress. I'm not in that "circle", therefore I'm not worthy to be around. I'll PRAY for you that you realize that you and your "circle" are NOT holier-than-thou, and that at the end of the day you are an ordinary person just like everybody else.

Other than that, today my other half and I celebrate four months. Hopefully it'll be like the Energizer bunny and just keep going...and going...and going...


Jamal K. Franklin said...

Jackson Park...it ain't neva changing.

Coming Into Reality,

victoria Allison Mack said...

hey, i read your blog and your right about everything you say, and everything you do. You got a good heart and i share the same respect that you share for me. Peace out, Glory to god