He Prepares A Table For Me In The Presence Of Thine Enemies

Something really crazy happened this afternoon and I thought I'd share it with you all.

Over the past week, I've had some serious issues with management in the building where I reside. I recently made payment arrangements with my building manager because I have been running into a little financial snafu. She told me that the payment arrangements I made were satisfactory. However I receive a call from the Accounts Receivable Person telling me that the arrangements WERE NULL AND VOID. How is an Accounts Receivable Person going to overrule a building manager?

Needless to say, this afternoon myself, my other half, the building manager and the Accounts Receivable Person had a meeting. The General Manager of the property was supposed to be in the meeting with us, but he had stepped out. The Accounts Receivable Person immediately jumped at that and asked me if I wanted to reschedule or wait. I surprised her by telling her that we could start the meeting then, and when the General Manager returned he could just join in the meeting. The four of us went into an office and sat down, and I explained my situation by saying that I've talked to the Building Manager and made arrangements and that the Building Manager approved these arrangements. The Accounts Receivable Person held up a piece of paper saying that because they had this particular document, that all arrangements were null and void and that, in not so many words, she didn't care what the Building Manager had to say.

At that moment, the General Manager walked in. Introductions all around, I explained what happened to him. He asked the Accounts Receivable Person for the balance minus legal fees. She was so pissed off (and it showed) that she couldn't type the numbers on her desk calculator! She didn't have to do that anyway, because the amount she was looking for was on her desk, which the Building Manager showed her, and told the amount to the General Manager. Long story short, the General Manager agreed that the arrangements that were made with the Building Manager were fine, meaning that the Accounts Receivable Person was overruled.

After I left that office, I realized that God had prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemy - the Accounts Receivable Person. I'm quite sure she'll think twice before messing with a child of God!


Mandy said...

Lots of faith... I'm glad things are working in your favor, hon. Hope things continue to look up!

Randy said...

Sounds like we are all going through it lately! Glad it worked out in your favour!