Mo'nique (yes, the big girl!) was in town last night for the 6th annual Pride Comedy Showcase, and I, along with the other half, got a chance to go and see her!!!

This girl is dynamic, cool as hell, and downright crazy!!! We all laughed for the two hours that she performed as she cracked us up on everything from gays and lesbians (even had a hilarious version of a three-way wedding on the stage with three lesbians) to the gay marriage issue - she even cracked us up on Ms. Ruff N Stuff, Chicago's premier entertainer:

Toni Scofield from WGCI was there, along with a small cast of other entertainers, poets, and the like. A very good time was had by all! If you missed it, you TRULY missed it! The Park West was filled to capacity last night just for the opportunity to see Mo'nique and company!

If you were there, what did you think? If you missed it, what do you think of Mo'nique (and of Toni and Ms. Ruff N Stuff)? Drop a comment!


Ladynay said...

I never been able to see Mo'nique live, but I think she is funny. She is very comfortable in her skin despite society dictating that she should not be because of her size. I like her.

That Dude Right There said...

Damn, I love me some Monique. I wonder if she is coming to Atlanta

Mandy said...

I've heard of her, but I don't think I've seen her perform. Since you recommend her, I'll be on the lookout for her! :)