A Major Announcement

As I promised this morning I have a major announcement to make. It concerns a certain individual that I know reads my blog, and has been mentioned on several occasions.

His blog name? My other half.

This morning I received an e-mail from him in regards to some stuff that went down on Monday night. I didn't take kindly to the situation, as well as how we have been "behind the scenes" for the past few months. So in response to his e-mail, the Monday night situation and the fact that I can no longer tolerate a lot of excess baggage, I ended the relationship. I'm not going to put a "sad story" up or go into great detail as to what has been going on, just know that I wish him well, but right now a relationship just is not in the cards.

I hated to make that decision, but I had to ask myself a very powerful question that I am now going to ask you all: Does one remain in a relationship with a lot of excess baggage, arguments and false fronts, or does one get out?

Your CONSTRUCTIVE AND POSITIVE comments will be appreciated.
Keep it civil.

I also want to apologize to everyone that reads my blog. I know that over the past couple of months, and as recently as last week I have made it seem as if there was nothing wrong with us. That was a false front. Like most individuals we have had our issues, issues to the point whereas there was a lot of arguring (disagreements) and some tears shed. I'm afraid that I didn't keep it TOTALLY real as I usually do, and for that I make a public apology to everyone. I promise you, it won't happen again.


Randy said...

I agree that being out of an otherwise unpleasant relationship is the best choice. Better to end things on a positive note than to end up bitter or haeful of eachother, which I hope is not the case with you two. I wish you all the best, as I can recently relate to your situation.

By the way, maybe I missed a post, but what happened with the job?

Ladynay said...

Does one remain in a relationship with a lot of excess baggage, arguments and false fronts, or does one get out?

This is simple, you get out. Sorry to hear of the breakup.

al said...

Sorry to hear about your breakup, i was looking forward to being Vesta and sing Congratulations at your wedding.

Tim, we have talked about relationships and what it takes to make one work many times.

While arguing is tedious and painful, it is unavoidable when trying to mesh together two seperate worlds.

When choosing a mate for life, its more important that the two of your are equally yoked from the beginning, meaning their spiritual beliefs, professional productivity, ethics, and morality. If you choose a spouse based on these factors, I am sure all the arguements, tears, and pains will be justified in the end,

Goodluck on your new position!

Mandy said...

You get out... look at my lone relationship. You're better off, hon. ((hugs)) Sorry to hear about the breakup... you'll be okay, though.