Cutty People

I'm the team captain for our bowling group and I recently had to cut someone loose from the team for lack of interest. The person? My former other half.

A while ago I sat down and hammered out some regulations to maintain some sense of order within our group, and one of those regulations is an attendance requirement. My former other half suddenly seemed too busy to participate, so for that reason I sent him an e-mail cutting ties.

The result? He sent me back this e-mail:

Well I would like to thank you for putting mt felling
first. know you think this is probably goning to be
like old times but it's not. You removing me is best
for me because I have too much on my plate right now
with my closing this desal on my condo, working at the
hospital and the office and singing, so you have just
really helped me out..
So I thank you for being the true christian friend
that you have been instead of asking me about this
instead you made the choice, option for me.. A JOB

The spelling and everything is exactly as he sent it to me.

It's all good that positive stuff is finally happening for him but he didn't have to be (a) cutty about it, and (b) if all of this was too much on him, he could've been a MAN instead of a PUSSY and OPENED HIS MOUTH.

But alas, some people never change I take it. More later.


WiseYoungMan said...

Well at least it re-affirms your previous decision...

WiseYoungMan said...

at least it reaffirms your prior decision