East Coast, Anyone?

Currently my new beau and I are planning a trip to DC and New York for a weekend in November.

And right now I'm at home re-learning DC (because I haven't been in almost 2 years) and learning New York (because I've never been).

Places of interest for me in New York:
Ground Zero
The Village
Times Square

I don't know what my beau's places of interest are, but when I find out I'll post them. And yes, we'll only be in New York for about a day; we're coming up there early in the morning on the train and leaving in the evening to get back down to DC for a night at the clubs down there, if we tried to party in New York we'd be stuck up there with no hotel for the night (and for y'all in New York, y'all got some expensive ass hotels, let me tell you!)

More info on that later.


Mandy said...

Times Square is absolutely beautiful. If you stayed in NYC, you wouldn't need a hotel, believe me... and I only did a drive-through with my aunts and uncle because I had never been either.

If you were to leave Brooklyn, you'd see a sign as you were leaving that says, "You're now leaving Brooklyn... fuhgeddabouddit!" I wish i'd had my camera ready when I saw it... totally classic. I love NYC, but since my grandmother and father passed away, I really never want to see the city again. It'd be too painful for me, seeing as my only memories there are of memorial services.

Regardless, I hope you have lots of fun. DC is a great place too. I enjoyed it a lot. I'm glad you're getting out and seeing places. Our country's too gorgeous to stay in one place forever!

juiicySCOOP said...

I'm planning a trip to DC/NY next Thursday (Nov.16) for my birthday. Have you left for your trip already!?! Let me know :)