The October - April Syndrome

Well people, it's October again. Time for all of the Ex's in people's lives to come crawling back because it's getting cold outside.

An example of what I'm talking about:

I was sitting on Yahoo Messenger earlier this afternoon and someone that I haven't spoken to since last May decided to hit me up to ask "what you on".
I told him, bluntly, "I'm on my man".

It's just funny to me that between April and October everyone is free, out and about, doing their own thing. But come October, folks realize that it's getting cold outside and that they want a nice warm bed to sleep in for the winter. I call this "fag hibernating".

In fact, my new beau puts it like this: "It's dyking season. No matter if you're a top, bottom, or versatile, a transsexual or whatever, the roles and the rules do not apply." Oh so true.

Well guys, let me say this. My new beau and I are doing OK. I'm not trying to get tied up in any October - April syndrome bullshit. In fact to pull it one step further, check out the photo below:

This is my baby. Tomorrow is our two-month anniversary. We're celebrating with friends by having dinner and drinks at a nice restaurant downtown. I've also got some other stuff planned for him, but I'm not broadcasting anything yet! Stay tuned!!!


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Jackie said...


Dyking season? Well I didn't know bout that and I'm a dyke. LOL That's right don't take in no strays especially since you got a good thang going. You guys are too cute together.

Mandy said...

Two handsome devils! :)

I'm thrilled for you, hon! Congrats!