The Show And The Trip

Last night me and my baby did it. We went to see:

AND IT WAS JUST AS WILD AS YOU SEE ON TV! (Well, sort of.) Steve was hosting because Jerry was at "Dancing With The Stars". He had only one set of guests on the panel, this mother who's daughter was seeing a man that constantly beat on her. Steve did something that I personally have never seen before; he not only got up in the man's face, he pushed him around, took off his suitjacket and proceeded to egg the man on! The man (of course) didn't do anything, he just stood up there and CRIED on stage!! As soon as I find out the air date I will pass it along; needless to say me and my baby couldn't help but get on camera as they sat us down third row center, right behind the row where Jerry (or Steve) take their walk to welcome everybody. Stay tuned!!!

Now for the upcoming trip.

We're going to DC in November, but won't be heading up to New York as planned. Call it a cost-saving measure. I've been re-reading about DC in November (because I've never been in November; I've always been in the summer). Now we have a game plan, so we're just waiting for the day to head there!

More later.


ReddMann said...

ok i havent seen this show in ages (didn't know it was still on the air) but wasnt steve the bouncer type guy at one time?

ReddMann said...

ok I havent seen this show in years (didnt actually know it was still on the air) but wasnt steve the bouncer type guy???