3 Months And Counting - Our Upcoming Trip - The Art Institute

Three months and counting - and so far it's been your "typical" relationship. Yeah we've had some disgreements and a couple of bumps in the road, but overall it has been wonderful.
I look forward to another three YEARS with my baby.

So we leave for the east coast in less than two weeks. We've been up late nights planning out what we're going to do, to the point whereas I just said "don't worry about it; let me handle it" ... with the assistance of my friends Eric and Vincent in DC, of course. Word has it that one of their clubs that I didn't have the chance to check out while I was there, the Edge/Wet was shut down to make way for DC's new baseball stadium. All I can say is...DAMN! Wish I had gone there when I had the chance!!! If you don't know what I'm talkin about, you never will. Let's just say Chi-town ain't have nothin on that place!

While we're there, I guess we're going to act like tourists during the day (the Capitol, the Archives, stuff like that) and party at night. I'm still trying to work a road trip up to New York City for the day into our plans; stay tuned on that one. I requested a visitors guide for NYC a few weeks back and it finally arrived, and I found out it's only a 3 1/2 hour drive up to NYC from DC. That's not too bad I suppose. Problem is what time to leave DC to spend a whole day up in NYC, and what time to leave NYC to get back to DC to rest for a bit, change clothes, and hit the clubs that night! Any suggestions? Let me know!

I recently got an e-mail from a sistah that lives up in DC that "stumbled" upon my blog. Let me give her a shout-out right quick: Sistah Toldja - go check out her blog! She even talked about the meltdown of Kanye's crazy ass at the MTV Europe VMAs. When is he gonna learn that everybody ain't tryin to ride on his little dick? But I ain't gonna go there, I ain't gonna go there, just go check out her blog.

Finally, last Thursday my baby and I went to the Art Institute. I have to admit I haven't been there in ages. I saw some pieces there that truly make the word "interpretation" come to life. Check out these pieces, and let me know what you think:

Now before y'all call me a pervert for the first two pieces, remember that this is art!
But this last one really caught my attention.
In this picture, I don't know whether she looked sad, bored, or was looking "cutty" like most of these queens in Chicago look on Halsted Street on a Saturday night.
That's right, today IS Saturday, isn't it? Maybe I'm predicting the future.
More Later....


Sister Toldja said...

The NYC drive is actually 4 and a half hours, fyi......

LMAO @ "looking like the Halsted queens"!!! Wait till you see the girls on K Street!!!!

Thanks for the shout-out!

Hassan said...

You are a nut!

Well, I did see a bunch of nuts in that one piece and a set in the first one, maybe I'm jaded.

Oh yeah, that's how I 'stumbled' into your spot. Sister Toldja is putting the word out.

Will said...

Depending on how you drive, you can make it to NYC from DC in 3.5 to 4 hours. The train from DC to NY is 3.5 as well. I live in DC and go to NYC at least twice a month. If you are trying to see NYC and come back to DC to party that evening, Get a very early start to NYC, maybe leave about 5 or 6am. You will hit some rush hour traffic (mainly around Delaware and Philly) but at least you can get in NYC, find a parking lot, leave your car and just take the subway or cab it if you are adventurous. Check out Canal street for some "knock off" buys, or if you want to do the tourist thing, hop on one of the double decker tour buses, those are kinda like one stop shopping. Enjoy the east coast brothas!