I know it's been a while, but have been under the weather for a few days and needed to get some rest.

For starters, I have a question: Why is it that people that want you...and realize they can't have you...always want to start some mess? When me and the other half went to DC earlier this month, as I mentioned we ran into my (ex) friend Vincent and his friends. Here is what I did not mention: We took pictures. That is to be expected. When you go out of town, what do you do? Take pictures to document your travels (or at least most people do). There was an instance where we were all at Omega DC, having fun and just enjoying the evening. One of the patrons at the bar took my camera and took a group picture of all of us, which I posted on my last entry.

Here's where it all goes south. I received a call from one of my associates down there telling me that two of the people objected to the photo being taken because they "were not out". First of all, if there was any type of objection to be made, they should have stated that before the picture was taken, NOT several days later when we're back in Illinois. Secondly, why didn't THEY call? I'll tell you why; because they (just like some folks up here in Illinois) are shady, late ass queens. As far as the statement goes about them "not being out", RAY CHARLES COULD TELL THAT THEY WERE NOT STRAIGHT. Eventually my associate called and apologized for all of the bullshit, at which point I said "I'm not angry at you in the slightest; we cool; because you came to me like a man and not like a little bitch".

Now...moving on.

My other half and I will be spending Christmas Eve apart, due to the family wanting to get together down south this Christmas Eve. We will be together on Christmas Day however, and then gearing up for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, where I have a very special surprise in store for him! Can't say what it is because he does read my blog, and I wouldn't want him to come across what it is! Let me just say this however: He will enjoy it.

Moving on from there....

There's a truly truly funny clip of The Farting Preacher that you simply have to see! I have it at the following link: Farting Preacher (The link is working now.) Be sure to watch your volume on this one! It's a quick 12 second clip, but I have tons more and maybe I'll add some more eventually.


Taken in Washington DC at the White House.

More Later...


That Dude Right There said...

Why do you let these people get under your skin?

Sister Toldja said...

Hey, I miss your blogs! Come back!

Hope all is well and that you have a GREAT holiday season!