Happy Holidays!!!

I've returned from being out of town for a little while, and it's good to be back. Needless to say when you go out of town, you may have fun but if you don't appreciate what you have waiting back at home, then you really didn't have any fun.

So far work is going great! I'm almost two weeks ahead of my training schedule, and I'm going "on-line" starting on Wednesday...about 9 days ahead of schedule. My manager and co-workers all think I'm doing a wonderful job, and I'm loving the atmosphere. In fact, this company is so good that because Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday, we had the choice of being off on either Friday the 22nd or Tuesday the 26th. I picked the 22nd because of my trip, but everybody else in the department picked the 26th - which means that on Tuesday when I go back to work I will be the only person in my entire department. My manager let me know that lovely fact right before I left work on Thursday. No problem - just means I'll be getting paid to sit on my ass for seven hours and do nothing. Think I'll take some books to read.

Now to my baby and me. Yes it's official - we're engaged. Rings and all. He surprised me last week with the ring (the question had been asked already) and it completely caught me off guard. Needless to say I was very overwhelmed and excited at the same time. Baby, I Love You.
I can't get into what I got him for Christmas just yet, because he's not here and I don't want him stumbling onto that information before I pick him up this afternoon. In fact he's at his mother's house, which is where he's been since I left on last Thursday. But we've been in constant contact via SMS (text messages) and phone calls...even when I was going through drama out of town.

Speaking of out of town, have you ever had a moment where you just HAD to talk to God? I was on the flight heading out Thursday evening, and the Captain had warned us before takeoff that the ride could be a little bumpy. Now I've flown for years but everytime we hit a moderate amount of turbulence, I still get a LOT nervous. So needless to say that when we started shaking, rattling and rolling, I started really talking to God. And you know what? The turbulence eased. Talking to Him does work!

I'll be back a little later!

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