It's Almost A New Year

We're almost at 2007 y'all!!!

Let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

Let me lay a few things down before this year runs out:

- Today in Chicago six people were shot at a house party on the south side. My other half knows one of the people that survived, and we talked about the situation this evening while we were at dinner. I stated that while I don't condone what happened (two guys kicked in the door and started shooting), we don't really know what was truly going on at that house. Now I'm not casting judgement or pointing fingers/accusing anybody of anything, but honestly, out of all of the houses on the block, why this one? And then it hit me when we were watching CLTV and this individual gets on the TV and shows just how fucking ignorant some wanna-be thugs can be by saying "this is a normal straight neighborhood....they need to take that stuff back to the suburbs..." I heard that and immediately was furious. Why don't you take your wanna-be straight wanna-be thuggish no walls little dick ass back to Harvey where you came from? Stop showing your ignorance all over national television and just shut the hell up!

- Tonight one of my now ex-friends named Justin was supposed to come down to Chicago from East Chicago and hang with us at my New Year's gathering. After confirming with him last night what train he would be on, and what station he'd be getting off at, I left my house this evening to ride down to McCormick Place to wait on his train. The train arrived on-time...but he was nowhere to be found. I called his phone several times, but no answer. Why is it that folks can't call or send a text message if something comes up...or if they just don't feel like riding down to Chicago? I digress.

- Finally, 2007 will be a better year. I can't speak for everyone, but I know it will be a better year for me....my other half....for both of us.

Have A Happy New Year!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

This is not a hate crime...no evidence support that claim. However, we don't know what THIS house did to the neighborhood either.